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24 September

Troubador Tech

What's New

02 September 2002: Personal circumstances have prevented me from updating this site, and may continue to do so for some time. I know there are a lot of broken links, and some outdated information (equipment cheerfully listed as in current production has been discontinued), but I'm not able to fix it now. My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

14 October 2000: Updated the Pedal Keyboards page. Many thanks to Doug Sewell for advising me of the existence of the Hammond XPK-100 Midi Pedalboard. Also, the links all work again as of this writing.

09 October 2000: I finally completed the long-overdue major overhaul of the MIDI Guitars page, along with significant revisions to the Harmonicas and Other Tools pages.

After creating the independent MP3 site for my music I mentioned in the last update, I did some more research, and realized I'd be much better off putting my music at, so I did. Besides the excerpts of my songs here at Troubador Tech, you can now hear complete versions of eight of my songs at Throughout Troubador Tech, I've put links to the MP3 files which illustrate the tools and techniques discussed here.

Perhaps ironically, since I created the domain, Troubador Tech's longtime host,, has announced that its Web hosting service will be provided on an unsupported basis after November. Consequently, I've mirrored Troubador Tech at; if you haven't already, please bookmark as this site's new location.

05 July 2000: At long last: Casio PG-380/310/300 Problems CURED: It's the capacitors!

I became so obsessed with this problem two years ago that I almost completely neglected the rest of the site. (Family and other concerns also contributed to the neglect.) Now that I no longer have this albatross around my neck, I hope to fix all the bad links and plug in some new ones within the next few weeks.

I am also in the process of creating a new Web site,, presenting songs I have written, and recorded as a one-person band, in MP3 format. Some of those songs demonstrate techniques described in these pages. Within the next few weeks, I intend to link from those descriptions to the songs which show them in action.

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