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Canon Corner

Click on any link to hear or download the music. The B versions of each piece have the same notes as the A version, but have been altered by key or octave transposition, by changing tempo, and especially by changing instruments, in the hope that one or the other set of instruments will sound OK on your soundcard. (General MIDI, indeed. Pah!) Not sure what a canon is? See Symmetry.

If your browser supports frames, and you don't hate them, the Mixed Media page offers quick, simultaneous access to both the music and graphics menus. Otherwise, if you'd like some appropriately symmetrical visual counterpoint to the music, go to Tile Territory or Animation Alley after you choose a tune from this page. If you have trouble seeing the graphics and hearing the music at the same time, see the Browsers and Music Players page.


Canon No. 1
A: Canon in D (5655 bytes, 1:42; four-part canon for strings)
B: Canon in D (5648 bytes, 1:42; two flutes, accordion, fretless bass)

Canon No. 2
A: Etude no. 2c (7373 bytes, 1:16; harp, bass guitar, electric piano)
B: Etude no. 2d (7410 bytes, 1:42; strings, fretless bass, cello)

Canon No. 3
A: Welcome (4639 bytes, 1:40; flute, electric piano, fretless bass)
B: Welcome (6576 bytes, 1:40; organ, bass guitar)

Canon No. 4
A: E Shuffle (13463 bytes, 2:04; bass guitar, percussion, organ)
B: E Shuffle (9351 bytes, 2:04; fretless bass, accordion, percussion)

Canon No. 5
A: 5 Minor (4759 bytes, 1:43; flute, electric piano, fretless bass)
B: 5 Minor (6293 bytes, 1:43; bassoon, organ, bass guitar)


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