Symmetries by Syrynx

Original Graphics and MIDI Music

Welcome to a graphical and musical celebration of my symmetry fetish, expressed through my original tiled graphics and MIDI canons.

The site is designed to let you listen to the music while you look at the graphics. See the page on Browsers and Music Players if you have any trouble doing so.


Mixed Media
The frames version of this site, offering quick, convenient access to all of the tiled graphics, animations and MIDI music presented here.
25 September 1998

Canon Corner
Original MIDI music, all in the canon form much beloved by Renaissance and Baroque composers... and by me.
27 January 1998

Tile Territory
Original tiled graphics.
25 September 1998

Animation Alley
Original symmetrical animations, growing out of my tiled graphic project.
08 November 1998

Meet Me
The obligatory autobiographical page.
25 September 1998


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