Symmetries by Syrynx

Tile Territory IV

Click on any file name to see the graphic tiled full screen; use your browser's back function to return to this page. The files are too small (only a few are over 5KB, most are much smaller) to warrant thumbnails, and I don't want to spoil your self-administered Rorschach test by giving conventional names to these abstract graphics, so you get filenames.

If your browser supports frames, and you don't hate them, the Mixed Media page offers quick, simultaneous access to both the music and graphics menus. Otherwise, if you'd like some appropriately symmetrical (and quick-loading) MIDI music to accompany your graphics browsing, visit the Canon Corner, choose a tune, then return to this page as the music plays. Return to Tile Territory for more tiled graphics, and visit Animation Alley to see symmetrical animations.


1074441~ 169ep01~ 1bbw1101~ 1c8617b1~ 1cdsv1l1~ 1deb18b1~ 1div131~ 1eati021~ 1ff7711~ 1ima041~ 1jiu72~ 1lw7b491~ 1nm35h1~ 1oldf181~ 1shb1471~ 1sheg271~ 1sunc051~ 1sz81121~ 1tapa141~ 1tfs07b1~ 1val391~ 1zn25111~ 1zn27011~

2074441~ 21656131~ 23com131~ 25ff1991~ 25ff431~ 29ey1~ 2c8617b1~ 2deb18b1~ 2div191~ 2frnd81~ 2ho83491~ 2ho85261~ 2ou9181~ 2pp1111~ 2pri081~ 2pye30g1~ 2renaf21~ 2savi201~ 2shb1571~ 2spb031~ 2sz81121~

3ho83491~ 3ima041~ 3ima201~ 3knl401~ 3sz81121~ 3tad251~ 4862661~ 4cdbl1l1~ 4ch86962~ 4div191~ 4eem8o1~ 4ho85281~ 4out8351~ 4zn17781~ 4zn25111~ 6tfs07b1~ 6zn25191~ 7zn23531~ bcpna91~ ecpna91~

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