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Tile Territory

It started innocently enough: I just wanted to create some original background graphics for my Web pages. I soon realized that the better I liked a graphic, the less suitable it was for background purposes; the more interesting a graphic, the more it warred with the text. So I blithely plunged in the opposite direction, seeking to create strong patterns that would be interesting for their own sakes-- and utterly useless as backgrounds.

There are now hundreds of them; I doubt that any sane person would want to see them all in one session. For your convenience and mine, I've grouped them chronologically, making it easy for you to see the ones you haven't seen before. The groupings also reflect different technical approaches.


Tile Territory I
The best of a thousand or so first efforts. All of these were created with Microsoft Paint-- perhaps the digital equivalent of a stone tablet and chisel.
27 January 1998

Tile Territory II
To create these and subsequent graphics, I used Paint Shop Pro, though in this group I made only minimal use of its capabilities.
29 March 1998

Tile Territory III
This group reflects more extensive use of color manipulation and filters.
30 April 1998

Tile Territory IV
I think perhaps I'm starting to get the hang of this...
25 September 1998

Tile Territory V
Paradigm shift: All of the graphics in this group, like the border for this page, utilized Paint Shop Pro's Arithmetic function to create the symmetry, instead of (or in addition to) butting the edges of flipped and mirrored images.
25 September 1998

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