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Animation Alley

Click on any file name to see the graphic; use your browser's back function to return to this page. I don't want to influence your reaction to these abstract graphics by giving them names, so you get filenames. Each animation is repeated several times, tiling it, though the file only has to load once.

If your browser supports frames, and you don't hate them, the Mixed Media page offers quick, simultaneous access to all of the music and graphics on this site. Otherwise, if you'd like some appropriately symmetrical music to browse the animations by, go to Canon Corner, choose a tune, then return to this page as the music plays. Tile Territory will guide you to hundreds of similar but static graphics.


08 November 1998:

12a6601a (30KB)~ 12a7552a (26KB)~ 12a7553a (13KB)~ 12an660a (35KB)~ 12nosera (24KB)~ 1an7552a (49KB)~ 1ane660a (61KB)~ 1ba1846a (26KB)~ 1kkis2a (49KB)~ 24an661a (35KB)~ 24an662a (37KB)~ 2558dt1a (26KB)~ 2an7492a (69KB)~ 2spi19ga (32KB)~ 3an6602a (30KB)~ 3an6611a (34KB)~ 3kkis23a (59KB)~ 5an7552a (27KB)~ 5ane659a (28KB)~ 5v28723a (25KB)~ 7h32823a (36KB)~ 7h3286ba (83KB)~ 7h328efa (35KB)~ adiv193a (53KB)~


25 September 1998:

12em12a (33KB)~ 12mtre4a (55KB)~ 12pnc72a (35KB)~ 14micg2a (71KB)~ 17c359a (50KB)~ 1jiu712a (19KB)~ 1paj102a (30KB)~ 1pri001a (28KB)~ 1up113a (64KB)~ 1ykhc1a (29KB)~ 2852981a (29KB)~ 2blot43a (16KB)~ 34gi142a (33KB)~ 36pnc72a (50KB)~ 380531a (47KB)~ 7ch8528a (28KB)~ aakx167a (29KB)~ cfded31a (57KB)~ cfded32a (63KB)~


04 September 1998:

14ane46a (35KB)~ 14gi014a (33KB)~ 180531a (22KB)~ 185294a (28KB)~ 1862682a (19KB)~ 1c86269a (31KB)~ 1mce104a (25KB)~ 23ch8528a (58KB)~ 23mic14a (32KB)~ 2n27124a (40KB)~ 3417712a (56KB)~ 34khc12a (60KB)~ 34pam22a (26KB)~ 4rsm467a (64KB)~ 4zn2701a (31KB)~


11 April 1998:

100069a (22KB)~ 1158994a (32KB)~ 12mea (8KB)~ 12yd34ca (10KB)~ 13206a (22KB)~ 1397421a (15KB)~ 13cch13a (11KB)~ 14lw342a (15KB)~ 1dcasa8a (18KB)~ 1m025ba (37KB)~ 23lw705a (11KB)~ 24fc36pa (21KB)~ 24mtr15a (17KB)~ 26ylu15a (34KB)~ 2cpe094a (25KB)~ 34clu63a (20KB)~ 3lw3422a (21KB)~ 4cl324a (18KB)~ 5att131a (17KB)~ 78kh52 (15KB)~ 78pxa82a (9KB)~

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