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"Now this defines my idea of Folk Rock. This guy IS Folk Rock. Here's some well-performed, excellently written tunage which illustrates the state of the down-home people in the country in the modern day. AND, it's funny as hell, and poignant at the same time. John has lived. Let him tell you about it."
--Free Music Artists Folk Rock Station

"John, you Arthur C. Clarke, you! Yes, this is just how the story will be told about those lunar old times."
--Free Music Artists Folk Rock Station

"Start with this sung story and then download everthing he has done and get to know and love it like I have done. I find this Guy has a gently chiding but funny and overall loving and redemptive take on this thing we call life. I cannot rate this man's gentle and engaging yet wicked sincerity too highly."
--The Fireside: Selections by's Story Telling Genre Manager, Mark Bolton

"This perhaps comes closer to explaining a musician's love for his instrument than anything I've ever heard. Bravo!"
--Gulliver's Travel Tales

"John Pollock, I gotta say that your music is sweet! You pick up where Cat Stevens Van Morrison and Bob Dylan left off, and take it a little closer to the surface, a little closer to real. Almost like poetry with the music being the accompaniment rather than the other way around. Besides that, you can play an emotional harp."
--Banker's Featured Artists

"You gotta hear two from this guy. A love song is this one."
--Banker's Featured Artists

"This song is hilarious! Check out the words. I know it doesn't fit with the genre, so take a break from your coding!"
--Programmer's Choice

"You really should check out this song, the guitar work is fantastic."
--Boink II Radio

My Web sites
Original music and spoken word recordings, in MP3 format.

Symmetries by Syrynx
Original tiled graphics and MIDI music.

Troubador Tech
Tools and tips for the one-person band; my first Web site.

Diary of a Mad Househusband
Writings: Rants, raves, reminiscences, etc.

My Resume
A skeletal chronology of my existence.