John Pollock ( 12/00 - 06/02: The Telvista Company, Grapevine, TX

Telephone technical support serving a major Northeastern US ILEC's DSL customers.

12/00 - 12/01: Technical Support Representative
Took incoming calls from customers; used troubleshooting skills and diplomacy to determine cause of problem. Assisted customers in correctly configuring computer (Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000/XP, MacOS 8.0-X) for PPPoE, and verifying that DSL modem and filters were properly connected to phone line; if customer's equipment was properly configured, escalated problem to Network Issues Resolution Team.

12/01 - 06/02: Network Issues Resolution Team
Took calls and electronic escalations from Technical Support Representatives. Verified that TSR troubleshooting was complete; if not, suggested additional procedures or took over call. Escalated network issues to Maintenence Control Office, coordinating with MCO technician and customer until issue was resolved. Made outbound calls to customers whose problems were escalated to MCO but not resolved during initial call, to confirm resolution or continue troubleshooting.

Note: I was employed by CompUSA Call Centers 12/18/00 - 06/30/01; the company became The Telvista Company 07/01/01.

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