John Pollock ( 09/67 - 09/78: Radio news reporter

09/67 - 03/69: Metromedia Radio Washington Bureau
General assignment reporter for chain of stations in six major markets. Frequently assigned to US House and Senate, occasionally covered White House and State Department. Travelled extensively: Covered Apollo VII from Houston, Apollo VIII from Cape Canaveral and Houston. Worked as field producer for coverage of primary elections in Indiana, Nebraska, Oregon, and California (including assassination of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy); similar role at Republican Convention in Miami Beach and Democratic Convention in Chicago. Traveled with Humphrey presidential campaign for a week, Nixon campaign for another.

03/69 - 04/76: KXYZ, Houston
News reporter, primarily assigned to City Hall and Johnson Space Center. As station was then owned by ABC, worked extensively for ABC Radio network, including coverage of Apollo, Skylab, and joint US-Soviet Apollo-Soyuz missions.

04/76 - 04/78: KTRH, Houston
News reporter, primarily assigned to Harris County Courthouse complex. Covered 20 capital murder trials, and probate court battle over the estate of Howard Hughes.

04/78 - 09/78: KEYH, Houston
General assignment reporter. Station switched formats from all-news to Spanish language programming, and I spoke no Spanish, so I switched to playing music for a living.

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