John Pollock ( 09/78 - 04/93: Self-employed musician

09/78 - 04/83: Steel guitarist
Traveled extensively throughout US as steel guitarist in country bands. At home, supplemented income by teaching steel guitar, guitar, and mountain dulcimer lessons, both privately and in a community college continuing education program.

04/83 - 08/86: JJ Balance
Formed duo with wife, Judy Ann; both sang, played amplified acoustic rhythm guitar and pedal steel. Played locally at first; as act matured, toured motel lounges. Developed sales and promotion skills: Created all promo materials including posters, photographs, audio demo tapes, band bios; booked most engagements directly (without agent assistance). Developed mailing list; wrote and distributed monthly newsletter.

02/87 - 04/93: One-person band
Began performing solo playing guitar and harmonica; later, added synthesizer and pedal keyboard, another synthesizer controlled by MIDI guitar, and digital signal processors. Developed all promo materials; handled all bookings personally, including six-year engagement at Hog's Breath Saloon in Houston.

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