John Pollock ( ...looking for a place to use a wide variety of skills

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12/00 - 06/02: The Telvista Company, Grapevine, TX
Telephone technical support for a major Northeastern US ILEC's DSL customers. Used troubleshooting skills to determine whether problem was customer configuration or network issue; assisted customers in correcting configuration problems, and escalated network issues.

08/96 - 12/00: Stay-at-home father, Web student
Besides domestic duties, became familiar with Windows 95/98, BeOS, and Internet via Unix shell account; learned HTML, created Web sites using graphic, animation, audio and music software.

09/92 - 08/96: Hog's Breath Saloon, Houston, TX
Developed strong multitasking, customer service and interpersonal skills working simultaneously as bartender, cook, cashier, bouncer, etc. serving international clientele.

09/78 - 04/93: Self-employed musician
Sales and promotion skills enabled survival; gained experience with electronic technology, including sound systems, digital signal processors and synthesizers.

09/67 - 09/78: Radio news reporter
Developed writing and interviewing skills reporting news for nationwide networks as well as local stations.

12/61 - 09/67: Radio disk jockey, technician (FCC Radiotelephone First Class license)


Spring semester, 1964: University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX
Part-time; English, French.

Fall semester, 1963: Lee College, Baytown, TX
Part-time; English, French.

1962/63: Seattle University, Seattle, WA
Humanities Honors Program.

1959 - 1962: De Sales High School, Walla Walla, WA
Graduated May, 1962; class valedictorian.


Licensed as amateur radio operator 1959; held FCC Amateur Extra Class license 1963-1997. Eagle Scout.