diary of a mad

03 november 2000



03 Nov: Ocarina Therapy: Make music, not smoke
09 Sep: Baseball: A link to the past
02 Sep: Grand Ams, thongs, and kindergarten
15 Aug: Cooking: Trojan horse meat loaf
05 Aug: Cooking: Five deadly sins (hear)
19 Jul: Pizzas, peppers, and pixels
15 Jul: The future of music: Great, if you can find it
08 Jul: Risks we took
05 Jul: Gassing an Urban Legend
24 Jun: Feedback and Internet credibility
18 May: Unscratched itches: Sailing
12 May: What was your first computer?
20 Apr: Too narrow, too linear
06 Apr: Relapse of a Browser Junkie, III: Netscape 6
05 Apr: Relapse of a Browser Junkie, II: Opera 4
25 Mar: Lament of a Web site perpetrator
23 Mar: Cybersex: Now it's out of your hands
12 Mar: Relapse of a Browser Junkie
07 Mar: Live music: Make mine local
27 Feb: What would you save from a fire? (hear)
25 Feb: Dixie Chicks
19 Feb: Cooking: Curry (hear)
17 Feb: "And it came to pass..." (hear)
02 Feb: Skinnydipping (hear)
28 Jan: Cooking: Country-style pork loin
24 Dec: Memory triggers

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